Project - 2021

Everyday technology support for seniors

As an adjunct to my professional services, I have (for many years) assisted elderly neighbours and acquaintances who experience simple, frequent and often repetitive problems with basic, phone, computer and even TV needs. 


It is not something they understand or value (financially), but as a result of Covid-19 these technologies have become vital in order to stay connected and support positive mental health. In addition the elderly are sometimes lonely and/or vulnerable and yet do not want to bother anyone.


The strategy behind the Grapple Project 2021, is to fund a pilot where I can dedicate all of my time to create a fully functional Proof of Concept model that addresses the ‘everyday technical’ needs of the elderly whilst also meeting their social and personal security needs.


The goal is to design a highly affordable subscription model that through critical mass and defined geo control can support trustworthy / vetted pioneers across the country. Setting up a central command with effective privacy and security controls, whilst allowing friendly face to face interactions that are affordable for everyone is something that can only really be built and validated from the ground up.


Helping the elderly transact online safely, communicate with family through online media, or securely record an important password in a way that is meaningful and tailored to each individual is what the Grapple Project aims to achieve.


The outcome is to deliver a robust (self funding) programme template that can be adopted by Government departments, Charities, Community groups (or Commercial entities) that see value in combining community with connectivity.

If you would like to assist this project,

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